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Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene. 98(7):409-12, 2004 Jul.

Wild terrestrial rainforest mammals as potential reservoirs for flaviviruses (yellow fever, dengue 2 and St Louis encephalitis viruses) in French Guiana.

de Thoisy B, Dussart P, Kazanji M

Laboratoire de Retrovirologie, Institut Pasteur de la Guyane, B.P. 6010, 97306 Cayenne, French Guiana.

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Article type: Curated - Canary ID: 683

Cause and Effect Analysis Interspecies susceptibility data Shared exposures with humans Shared outcomes with humans Gene sequence data
Yes Yes No No No
Study type N Routes Sampling Controls Timing
cross sectional 574 vector exposure yes concurrent
Exposures Yellow fever virus
Outcomes Yellow Fever
Species Bradypus tridactylus
Caluromys philander
Choloepus didactylus
Didelphis albiventris
Didelphis marsupialis
Eira barbara
Mazama sp.
Metachirus nudicaudatus
Myoprocta acouchy
Nasua nasua
Paca, NOS
Pecari tajacu
Philander opossum
Proechimys sp.
red howler monkey
Saguinus midas
Saki monkey
Tamandua tetradactyla
Locations location map
French Guiana French Guiana (general) Petit Saut (rapids)

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