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JAMA 2000 May 3;283(17):2281-90.

Plague as a biological weapon: medical and public health management. Working Group on Civilian Biodefense.

Inglesby TV, Dennis DT, Henderson DA, Bartlett JG, Ascher MS, Eitzen E, Fine AD, Friedlander AM, Hauer J, Koerner JF, Layton M, McDade J, Osterholm MT, O'Toole T, Parker G, Perl TM, Russell PK, Schoch-Spana M, Tonat K

Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies, Johns Hopkins University Schools of Medicine, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA. [email protected]

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Article type: Review - Canary ID: 1766

Cause and Effect Analysis Interspecies susceptibility data Shared exposures with humans Shared outcomes with humans Gene sequence data
Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Exposures Yersinia pestis
Outcomes Plague
Species Cats

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