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Bivin WS, Hogge AL Jr
Quantitation of susceptibility of swine to infection with Pasteurella tularensis.
American Journal of Veterinary Research. 28(126):1619-21, 1967 Sep.
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Harthoorn AM
Comparative pharmacological reactions of certain wild and domestic mammals to thebaine derivatives in the M-series of compounds.
Fed Proc 1967 Jul-Aug;26(4):1251-61.
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Martin RJ, Hanson LE, Schnurrenberger PR
Leptospiral interspecies infections on an Illinois farm.
Public Health Rep 1967 Jan;82(1):75-83.
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Mushin R
The occurrence of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli 0128: K67 (B12).
Med J Aust 1967 Feb 11;1(6):273-5.
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Smith EB, Claypoole TF
Canine scabies in dogs and in humans.
JAMA 1967 Jan 9;199(2):59-64.
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van den Heever LW
Some public health aspects of meat and milk.
S Afr Med J 1967 Dec 23;41(47):1240-3.
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