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From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Human ingestion of Bacillus anthracis-contaminated meat--Minnesota, August 2000.
JAMA. 284(13):1644-6, 2000 Oct 4.
Koehler JE, Glaser CA, Tappero JW
Rochalimaea henselae infection. A new zoonosis with the domestic cat as reservoir.
JAMA 1994 Feb 16;271(7):531-5.
Nowotny N, Weissenboeck H, Aberle S, Hinterdorfer F
Hantavirus infection in the domestic cat.
JAMA. 272(14):1100-1, 1994 Oct 12.
[No authors listed]
From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Update: outbreak of hantavirus infection--southwestern United States, 1993.
JAMA 1993 Jul 21;270(3):306.
Steketee RW, Eckman MR, Burgess EC, Kuritsky JN, Dickerson J, Schell WL, Godsey MS Jr, Davis JP
Babesiosis in Wisconsin. A new focus of disease transmission.
JAMA 1985 May 10;253(18):2675-8.

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