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Osterhaus AD, Rimmelzwaan GF, Martina BE, Bestebroer TM, Fouchier RA
Influenza B virus in seals.
Science 2000 May 12;288(5468):1051-3.
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Daszak P, Cunningham AA, Hyatt AD
Emerging infectious diseases of wildlife--threats to biodiversity and human health.
Science 2000 Jan 21;287(5452):443-9.
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Enserink M
Emerging diseases. Malaysian researchers trace Nipah virus outbreak to bats.
Science. 289(5479):518-9, 2000 Jul 28.
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Koenig R
Environmental disasters. Wildlife deaths are a grim wake-up call in Eastern Europe.
Science 2000 Mar 10;287(5459):1737-8.
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Morell V
Chimpanzee outbreak heats up search for Ebola origin.
Science 1995 May 19;268(5213):974-5.
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Meselson M, Guillemin J, Hugh-Jones M, Langmuir A, Popova I, Shelokov A, Yampolskaya O
The Sverdlovsk anthrax outbreak of 1979.
Science 1994 Nov 18;266(5188):1202-8.
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Nichol ST, Spiropoulou CF, Morzunov S, Rollin PE, Ksiazek TG, Feldmann H, Sanchez A, Childs J, Zaki S, Peters CJ
Genetic identification of a hantavirus associated with an outbreak of acute respiratory illness.
Science 1993 Nov 5;262(5135):914-7.
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Hughes JM, Peters CJ, Cohen ML, Mahy BW
Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome: an emerging infectious disease.
Science 1993 Nov 5;262(5135):850-1.
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Fry DM, Toone CK
DDT-induced feminization of gull embryos.
Science 1981 Aug 21;213(4510):922-4.
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