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Arbaji A, Kharabsheh S, Al-Azab S, Al-Kayed M, Amr ZS, Abu Baker M, Chu MC
A 12-case outbreak of pharyngeal plague following the consumption of camel meat, in north-eastern Jordan.
Annals of Tropical Medicine & Parasitology. 99(8):789-93, 2005 Dec.
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Waiswa C, Olaho-Mukani W, Katunguka-Rwakishaya E
Domestic animals as reservoirs for sleeping sickness in three endemic foci in south-eastern Uganda.
Annals of Tropical Medicine & Parasitology. 97(2):149-55, 2003 Mar.
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Saravanan R, Rajendran P, Thyagarajan SP, Smythe LD, Norris MA, Symonds ML, Dohnt MF
Leptospira autumnalis isolated from a human case from Avadi, India, and the serovar's predominance in local rat and bandicoot populations.
Ann Trop Med Parasitol 2000 Jul;94(5):503-6.
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Sang DK, Njeru WK, Ashford RW
A possible animal reservoir for Leishmania tropica s.l. in Kenya.
Ann Trop Med Parasitol 1992 Jun;86(3):311-2.
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Gurtler RE, Kravetz FO, Petersen RM, Lauricella MA, Wisnivesky-Colli C
The prevalence of Trypanosoma cruzi and the demography of dog populations after insecticidal spraying of houses: a predictive model.
Ann Trop Med Parasitol 1990 Aug;84(4):313-23.
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Morsy TA, Schnur LF, Feinsod FM, Michael SA, Saah A, Salama MM, Wahba MM
The discovery and preliminary characterization of a novel trypanosomatid parasite from Rattus norvegicus and stray dogs from Alexandria, Egypt.
Ann Trop Med Parasitol 1988 Oct;82(5):437-44.
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