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Svedenstal BM, Johanson KJ, Mattsson MO, Paulsson LE
DNA damage, cell kinetics and ODC activities studied in CBA mice exposed to electromagnetic fields generated by transmission lines.
In Vivo 1999 Nov-Dec;13(6):507-13.
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Reif JS, Lower KS, Ogilvie GK
Residential exposure to magnetic fields and risk of canine lymphoma.
Am J Epidemiol 1995 Feb 15;141(4):352-9.
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Kelsey JL, Moore AS, Glickman LT
Epidemiologic studies of risk factors for cancer in pet dogs.
Epidemiol Rev 1998;20(2):204-17.
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Fernie KJ, Bird DM, Petitclerc D
Effects of electromagnetic fields on photophasic circulating melatonin levels in American kestrels.
Environ Health Perspect 1999 Nov;107(11):901-4.
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